M-Squared By Manik Mongia

About Us

We are a young homegrown brand by a family of four. This brand is an attempt by the two of us (sisters) to fulfil our father’s long-lost dream. Each piece of clothing that is created carries its own story, a piece of nostalgia, an unresolved curiosity and a humongous amount of passion and love.

We only, and only use organic fabrics and follow a zero-waste policy; change starts at home, so here we are making long lasting durable pieces with which you can make a statement.

about m squared

Designer's Note

Life is a collection of memories, some we remember, some we forget; some we search for in moments of solitude, and some spring out on us and catch us unaware. Me? I tend to etch my favourite memories into the shirts I design and flaunt them as a part of my wardrobe, Now, my daughters have persuaded me to share my creations, my stories with the world at large under my own label.

Word of caution: I don’t just design shirts, I capture a slice of life in them. Every warp, every waft tells a tale (and makes a fashion statement). I believe that while life happens, you might as well look good.”

- Manik Mongia